The Event of Awesomeness

aka Alex & Jeremy’s wedding/party

Hello! 10 August 2008

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Hi, everybody!

We’re getting married! Hooray!

So we started a blog, and you have the opportunity to see what we’re planning, participate in the planning, and get additional information about coming to the ATL. We’ve got lots of family and friends with more knowledge about this whole “planning a wedding” thing, and we’d really like to take advantage of learn from your experiences and hear your stories of joy/horror/frustration. We’d also like your opinions on some things, since we don’t always have opinions on them, or have conflicting ones. You have the opportunity to be tie-breakers and conflict-resolvers. It’s sort of your party, too, since we feel that a wedding is a celebration of family merging.

So, hope you read, participate, and help us out as we plan an awesome event that joins families: The Event of Awesomeness.

-Alex and Jeremy