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The Mary Gay House 14 August 2008

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So, Jeremy and I went to tour the Mary Gay House, which is located near downtown Decatur. It was only kind of on our list of possible places because the interior was just so darn pink. We had a little bit of a time figuring out parking, but got over and walked in the house. The porch is cute, and the entry is nice. The main room looked bigger in pictures, but there’s a dining room that will easily accommodate all the food, so we don’t have to worry about  the food in the room. We’d looked around that much before the rental coordinator came up from her office and gave us the tour (it’s in the basement.)

The house has a nice back porch that can be tented, surrounded by a pretty garden. I really liked all the flowers. Next to the house is a public park/historic site and behind the house is a dog park. (Angus was terribly excited about that part.)

In the house, there’s the main room, a dining room, a storage room, and a getting ready room. There’s also bathrooms and a little kitchen. The women’s restroom has the same wallpaper that was in the DDD house, just a different color, which is the same as was in our dining room when we moved in.

It’s a little smaller than we’d hoped for, and we’re going to have to give up our ideal of everyone having an assigned table, but it’s well within our price range, not booked for our day, and the coordinater was extremely helpful, giving us ideas for bakeries, setup, rehearsal dinner locations/caterers and just a nice person all-around.

So, we’ve booked that. Now, we’re looking for an indoor, air-conditioned location for the July Atlanta wedding.