The Event of Awesomeness

aka Alex & Jeremy’s wedding/party

Booked! 11 August 2008

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I just sent off the deposit for the reception location! Whoo!


First round of reception location tours 10 August 2008

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In the first round of location scouting, we toured the Solarium, 7 Stages Theater and the Atrium at GA Tech, but weren’t so thrilled with any of them.

The Solarium was already tentatively rented for the date we want, and we found that it’s smaller than it looks in pictures. That smaller space is split into two wings and each of those are divided, so people don’t have to pass through the other space to get to the bathroom, creating two groups that never have to interact. Plus, the Solarium recently raised their rental rates. On the other hand, it has easy parking and easy directions.

7 Stages was reasonable, and one of the Team Bride members (Sydney) works there as Director of Marketing. They also have plenty of parking. But it’s in the middle of Little 5 Points, which can have bad traffic and everything that an art district infers. Most importantly, it was already booked for the entire month of July 2009.

The Atrium at Ga Tech was ok, lovely space. On the plus side, it does have plenty of patrolled parking and an easy retreat to an auditorium in case of rain. The courtyard has large glass doors that can be opened and a long staircase for a grand entrance. Unfortunately, they usually turn down non-academic functions, as they did ours.

After those disappointments, I emailed the Mary Gay House, which is cheaper and easier to get to from downtown Decatur than the Solarium and, judging from the floor plan, looked like it has way better flow. Plus, it’s next to a dog park, so we could most certainly have the wedding there and have an Angus ring bear(er). And they were available on 11 July next year. The downside was that parking is across the street at a church, not actually at the house. No street graffiti for pictures, but it has a stream, bridge and log cabin on site. We also got a great recommendation for it from my coworker: his sister had her wedding + reception there, and said it was lovely, fun, and a great space. So, we decided to go look at it during their open house hours.