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The rest of the checkmark 4 November 2008

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We turned in our hotel agreement, so that’s taken care of! The Bowers-Schoen hotel block at the Holiday Inn-Decatur is open!


Half a checkmark 27 October 2008

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Since I had a meeting today in the building next door, I stopped at the Holiday Inn, the closest (and only) hotel in downtown Decatur proper and got the process started for reserving a block of rooms! The Sales Manager, Connie, was very friendly and helpful and pointed out many of the great things about this particular hotel, including a free shuttle within 5 miles of the hotel. (Mary Gay House is 0.5 miles away.) She also showed me the pool, fitness room, and we looked at a king-bed room, which was nicely-sized. She also mentioned that the hotel would undergo some minor rennovations at the end of this year.

Some benefits to this hotel (besides the shuttle, so nobody staying there has to drive either direction to the MGH):

  • Zip Car station just outside the door
  • Next to an Emory Healthcare Clinic
  • Almost across the street from Crescent Moon (an awesome breakfast place. The in-hotel buffet breakfast is not included with the room, but you can get a coffee and a The Heap [eggs, potatoes, bacon and cheese in a skillet], arguably one of the best hangover breakfasts evar, for less at Crescent Moon. Half a The Heap is more than enough for me, and enough for Jeremy.)
  • Has a bar in-hotel that opens at 5pm
  • Pool! Not only does the hotel have its own pool, but a Decatur City pool is between the hotel and MGH.
  • On the same block as several restaurants, like Ted’s Montana Grill
  • That 5-mile shuttle will get you to a bunch of places, like Fernbank Museum!

So, once the contract stuff is signed and faxed (really, mostly, confirmation of dates and names), the Bowers-Schoen block will be available!