The Event of Awesomeness

aka Alex & Jeremy’s wedding/party

More pictures! 12 September 2009

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More pictures from the wedding weekend:

Am I missing yours?


Progress! 9 September 2009

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We finished a large group of Thank You notes last night! They’re heading out in the mail today and, hopefully, they will all keep their addresses to their final destinations. Georgia’s moving out in the next week or so, so we’re packing up things for her, which means we’ll have room to start unpacking and putting away the awesome subjects of said notes, which has prompted a new goal: to finish the thank you notes before we start using the majority of the wedding gifts. (The previous goal had been to finish them within a month of the wedding, but we have clearly missed that self-imposed deadline.) We’re about 2/3 finished with all of the notes, so I think that we can definitely meet the new goal!


Getting the flowers 30 August 2009

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Friday morning, we went to the flower market and picked out the flowers! And then brought them home. My bouquet is lovely, no?
My bouquet: done


More pictures! 27 August 2009

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I’m finally getting around to posting the photos that Lisa took during the wedding weekend- head over to Flickr and see what’s happening.

After I get these done, I’ll be uploading the ones taken with my camera. Did you take any photos? Send me a link and I’ll make a post with a list of all the photo locations!


Not Done 6 August 2009

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Don’t worry, we’re not done with this blog yet!

We’re busy writing thank you notes, getting our thoughts together from the weekend (and the honeymoon), and waiting for pictures from friends and the hired pro. So, stay tuned, and I’m sure things will settle down enough (and we’ll have things put together enough) for a full-on series of pictures and recaps in the near-ish future.


Sunday evening 26 July 2009

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Staying inside on this Sunday evening? Here are a few pictures to check out.


Getting ready 23 July 2009

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With the fluffy hair! And veil on the side!

Fluffy hair

And my favorite robe, kimono-style.