The Event of Awesomeness

aka Alex & Jeremy’s wedding/party

FAQ 12 November 2008

What’s going on this weekend?

Take a gander at the schedule for the weekend. Please let us know if you’re going to be in town earlier! The major highlights:

  • 9pm Friday: Meet & Greet at Twain’s
  • 5pm Satuday: Ceremony at the Mary Gay House (or next door in the park, depending on the weather)
  • 6-11am Sunday: Farewell Breakfast at the Holiday Inn

When and where the this thing?

11 July 2009. We’re thinking around 5 at the Mary Gay House. It's here!

If it’s not raining, we’ll wander over to the park next door, Adair Park, and have the ceremony there.

Where should we stay?

A block has been reserved at the Decatur Holiday Inn under Bowers-Schoen Wedding. There are some other motels and B&Bs in the area, too. (Our favorite feature of the Holiday Inn, besides the pool, the proximity to public transportation and the MGH, and amazing cookies, is the free shuttle within 5 miles!)

How do we get around?

Check out this post on transportation options in the Decatur/Metro Atlanta area.

What’s the Weather?

It’s not called “Hotlana” for nothing! If it’s a dry summer, it’s hot and humid. If it’s a wet summer, it’s hot and humid, plus it rains pours nearly every afternoon. We plan to have some fans going on the patio and the MGH is well air conditioned. For more specifics on the day, check out Weather Underground.

What to Wear?

We’re dressing up, some other people might be too, but nothing terribly fancy. Whatever makes you feel comfortably fabulous is perfect!


Yes. There will be dancing.


If you want to bring them, bring them. The Mary Gay house has a regular park and a dog park next door, so they’ll be able to run around and get good and tired.

If you don’t want to bring them, that’s fine too.


Your presence at our wedding is the best present, but since you’ve asked, we’re registered at:

We’re really excited! How do we tell you?

You can email Jeremy or Alex! We’re really excited, too!

  • Jeremy: jeremy[dot]schoen[at]gmail[dot]com
  • Alex: alexandra[dot]bowers[at]gmail[dot]com
  • just replace the [dot] with . and [at] with @

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