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Year! 20 March 2009

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Conclusion: the year is going on the invite. Though it’s “ok”, it squishes up the text a little bit more, so I’m thinking of moving the “dinner and dancing to follow”/”food and merriment immediatly afterward”/”grub and good times over yonder” line to the back of the invitiaton. Since the ceremony and reception are in the same location, I don’t think it’s enough info to warrant another card in the invite package, not sure if it needs to be on the front of the incvite, and I think it’ll live happily on the back. Thoughts? Will it be missed if it goes on the back?


Question of the year 9 March 2009

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This weekend, Gordon and I set out to print the words on the invitations and ran into a quandary: Does the year go on the invitation?

Looking at the first invitation to someone else’s wedding I could find, I saw that the year was included. I also noticed that it had “and” in it, as in “Two Thousand and Eight”, which I remember as being incorrect. So I asked the other “Summer of Love” brides on IndieBride, and got conflicting answers. Some said yes, include it. Some said that they didn’t know, but they were including it. One said that she also didn’t know, but they weren’t including it. Yet another said that it didn’t matter as long as it was spelled correctly with no “and,” as in “Two Thousand Nine”. The last word so far is from Emily Post, who doesn’t have the year in her examples, the idea being that nobody would ever send out an invitation so far in advance that the year would not be understood to be the current year (or the next year if, say, the wedding is in January and invites are sent in October).

What do you think? Visually, it looks ok either way.


Colors and Papers 17 October 2008

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We’ve been thinking about wedding colors recently. The Mary Gay House is pink. Pink. The bottom part of the room is gray. So, we’ve narrowed down our colors to: not pastel and green. I think that green’s an easy choice to incorporate, especially if we go with herb centerpieces, and it goes well with Pink and gray. Other than green, we’re pretty much undecided, as long as it’s not a pastel color. Team Wedding will be wearing flattering, non-matching attire (more on that later), so we’re not too concerned with trying to tie colors in there. And that brings me to paper.

We’ve been thinking about invitations recently, too. Part of it’s because we’re going to need to figure out envelopes for Save-The-Date type cards soon, and part of it’s because we’ve made appointments to meet with the vendors (or wedding elves) that we need to book soon, but those aren’t until next month, and we’re researching now while we have some time, so we have lots of options over which to be indecisive later. We’re planning on doing some kind of label-y thing on the envelope, to make writing addresses easier, so that can be a dark color. The invite itself will be two layers, with the words printed on a smaller card that’s affixed to a larger one, so that larger invite card can also be a darker color (and match a darker envelope?) To complicate things, the “inner envelopes” we’d like to use don’t come in the full range of PS’s colors, like the envelopes and flat cards do, so we’re also thinking of having two colors in the invite enclosure-y type things, but this piece should probably be a lighter color, so we can write on it without having to attach some kind of label, but having a darker color isn’t bad. And finally, we want to have an rsvp postcard, so that flat card needs to be a light, non-stardream color, so your writing is easy to read and ink doens’t smear.

We’re kind of hoping to make some mock-ups made in the next month, so we can focus on wording and information, work on the printing ink colors and print them all, get these puppies assembled at leisure and get them out the door on time. And almost like they want to help, Paper Source just opened a new store in the ATL! (It’s like they know that we’ll have some of the “oh, I messed up and need two more cards!” panics, and they’d like to prevent that.) So, we’ve been looking at their paper colors online, and trying to pick some colors out of that before we head down to browse the shop (we’re waiting until after this weekend’s Grand Opening, to avoid some crowds). Turns out, we disagree on colors. I like Moss, he likes Curry. I like Leaf, he’s all over Chocolate. We do agree that we both like Night.

So, I’ve got some options figured up, keeping in mind that we’re printing the invite words on a light, off-white paper and affixing another card:

  1. Chocolate envelope and invite backing, Leaf enclosure and rsvpostcard.
  2. Night envelope and invite backing, Curry enclosure and rsvpostcard. (Go Bucs!)
  3. Eco-white or Soft White enclosure (sw) and rsvpostard (sw), Leaf envelope and invite backing.
  4. Moss envelope and invite backing, Curry enclosure and rsvpostcard.
  5. Night envelope and invite backing, Leaf enclosure and rsvpostcard.
  6. Chocolate enclosure and invite backing, Moss envelope and rsvp (crazy option!)
  7. Something else

What do you like? Any other combinations we should consider?


Another flower option 10 September 2008

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I had another thought about bouquets. We could make the bouquets (3), boutonnieres (7-8) and corsages/mini-bouquets/whatever the mothers want (4) for the wedding the day before, and store them in our cleared-out fridge. It would definitely be a all-hands-on-deck flower party, but we could just hit the flower market that morning, see what’s available, and improvise flowers/colors from there. We’d be able to mix in herbs and garden flowers, too, making sure that there’s plenty of greenery.

And then, for centerpieces, we could grow herbs and flowers in pots (or just grow the herbs, and stick cut flowers in later), so we’d have yummy-smelling (and edible!) centerpieces that, if they aren’t all taken by people, are useful after the wedding. My flower thumb is pretty black, but my herbs and veggies thumb is pretty darn green.

Some examples of practice and day-before bouquets. And some instructional videos and posts.

So, what do you think of that?


Ideas about flowers, mini-post style 7 September 2008

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I’m sort of in agreement with Grandma Harper about this: to me, flowers from flower shops smell like the flower room at the Fun Home. It’s not that I’m really against them, they’re really pretty, but I’m not so fond of the smell. I think it might be the foam, but it also might be the fridge that they store them in. So, I’ve been collecting some ideas about what might be fun as something to ask for as an addition/change when I talk to shops, or as an alternative to flowers for me and for the members of Team Bride that are cool with carrying bouquets.

I really like the addition of herbs to a bouquet, since I still love the bright colors, or the fern/greenery/simple flower approach. If we go to our back-up plan of having teh ceremony in the park next to the Mary Gay House and it’s raining, I love the colored umbrellas (though we’d have the ceremony under the tent.)

Any other ideas?