The Event of Awesomeness

aka Alex & Jeremy’s wedding/party

Weekend schedule 5 July 2009

The high-level weekend schedule. The main, major events are bold. Optional items for everyone who are in town are in plain font, items for the Wedding Posse only are italicized.


  • 9:00 am – The House – Flower fun (centerpieces, bouquets, etc…)
  • 2:00 pm – Decatur – Nap time
  • 5:00 pm – MGH House – Rehearsal
  • 7:00 pm – The Watershed – Rehearsal Dinner
  • 9:00 pm – Twain’s – Meet ‘n Greet. Let’s hang out!


  • Noon – Holiday Inn – Lunch & start getting ready!
  • 5:00 pm – Adair Park or Mary Gay House – Wedding Ceremony
  • 5:30 pm – MGH Patio – Beverages and appetizers. Enjoy music from Whistlin’ Rufus
  • 6:15 pm – MGH Main Room – Wedding Posse introductions, reception order as follows (times would be very approximate)
    • Dances
    • Dinner
    • Cake and toasts after dinner
    • Let’s party!
  • 10:00 pm – Twain’s or another bar (depends on how we’re all feeling) – hang out, finish the evening


  • 6:00 am – 11:00 am – Holiday Inn, Side room by the breakfast area – Farewell breakfast
  • Afternoon – Chilling out at The House

Fitted 20 June 2009

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The Dress fitting on Thursday went very well. I changed into the dress…

Getting changed
and was excited to try the dress with the shoes. Gotta say- I’m very happy with the shoe decision. They’re from Sofft, and very soft. I really like the padded footbed and soft upper, and I’m hoping they’ll stay on all night without a problem.

As for the dress: the top still fits (with a bra I already own, too), the length is just right with the fabulous shoes, so all it really needed was  a bustle. we tried an American bustle and a French one, and both Sydney, Jennifer and Emily (the alterations lady) agreed: French was the way to go. So, Emily pinned it in place, and Syd  & I will head back next Thursday to try it on and learn how to do the bustle.

And then, we cooed over Paul, who was being a really good sport.

Paul, Jennifer and Emily


Un-picked 15 January 2009

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Since I have already shared about the dress shopping, I thought I’d also share a few pictures of the dresses I did not pick. (Warning: unflattering pictures of me in giant dresses ahead!) (more…)


Dress shopping #1 27 August 2008

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For the first round of dress shopping, Mom and I went out in Johnson City, just to try on a few dresses, just to see what shape, style, fabric, etc… would fit and look good, and I was really surprised at what worked. Initially, we were thinking something simple, probably a soft satin, not white, and not strapless.

We started at a sort-of secondhand/sample store and picked the few off-white, non-strapless dresses off the racks. Immediately, we found that wedding dress sizing varies immensely (I tried on dresses from size 10 to 16) and that my shape makes fitting difficult. Often, it would fit on top, but I couldn’t get it over my buns of steel.

So, there were three that fit, all kinda poufy and all with large trains. My favorite was sort of an ivory-gray dress with lace on the edges, and cutouts in the train with lace. Nicely made, but still too much dress.

Next, we went to another local shop, but smaller and more higher-end dresses. The dresses there were lovely and definitely well-made, but nearly all strapless and maybe one of the samples would have fit. Though the dresses were pretty, we left without trying any on.

Since it was a go-see mission, we next went to David’s, figuring I’d be able to try on a bunch of different styles in sizes close to what I’d wear. And, success! We had to wait about half an hour for an appointment, but it was so the shop girl could finally eat lunch, so we went and got a drink nearby. Then… the great dress-trying-on began! They had me go through their catalog and pick out dresses, and I think I checked off every non-strapless dress.  The woman helping us was wonderful, pulling out extra dresses that were similar to ones I’d marked, and dresses that she thought might work (like the strapless, lace ones), and questioning me about some of the poufier dresses that I’d marked (since they weren’t working and I didn’t really like them- I’d just marked them because they were not strapless.)

The big poufy dresses were, thankfully, definitely a no-go. For a July Atlanta wedding, any dress in which I was sweating in the store got crossed off the list. The ones that worked best were the allover-lace ones, strapless (surprisingly), tiny-to-no train. And there was one that looked like a head-of-state-ball dress, with the one-shoulder look, that looked pretty good. All of the top dresses from David’s were like regular dresses, no crinolines. It was a pretty successful “let’s go see” trip, but no clear winners stood out.


Pretty ordinary day 20 August 2008

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I spent Monday with my Aunt Janel and, after lunch, we went by a wedding shop that she’d never been to, just to kind of look at dresses for fun. And I puchased one.


Wedding Party: Team Bride 17 August 2008

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Introducing Team Bride!

Georgia: Dear Seester. Sometimes each other’s only friend for a summer when we’d move, and my roommate for 15 years. We’ve gotten the stink eye from and asked about the length of our relationship by people assuming that we’re dating. We get the same sicknesses at the same time, even living 4500 miles away from each other. One summer, we watched “The Matrix” in theaters at least 5 times. She’s my sister.

Abby: Stood next to her at tryouts for Indiana Speed, discussed bras and previous sports experience with her. Then I stayed at her place after Monday Night Practices, so I didn’t have to drive back to the Haute between Monday and Tuesday practices. We sat in the front of the bus together and exchanged book recommendations, staying as far from the team drama as possible. We’ve trained for and run several 5k races together. She’s my partner in sports.

Sydney: One of the first times I met her, she borrowed my red sweater. That night, we went to the North Georgia State Fair and oohed and aahed over the duckies, the goats, the ponies together while Jeremy and Abby looked at us like we had three heads. We both love the party wii games. She’s my partner in cute.

Gordon: We went to high school, then college together (We even did most of our college visits together.) We were in bunches of high school clubs together, featured as student-athletes of the week together, and he certainly kept me sane during the Rose-Hulman fire hose shock. I think he’s my non-relative person that I’ve continued to know the longest. I always look forward to when we get to spend weekends playing video games, maybe having a few beers, and going to science museums. He’s my partner in nerdiness.