The Event of Awesomeness

aka Alex & Jeremy’s wedding/party

Interruption 19 January 2010

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More pictures are coming!

But, for more updates, I’ve posted a State of the Union on my personal blog, since we’ve passed the 6-month mark, and Jeremy was not, in fact, the first to break a wedding present, as he feared. (And avoided using some of the awesome gifts, to avoid this fate.)

So, check them out!


Cake trial 2 April 2009

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So, for registering at Target, we got a free cake sample. Yeah, we got the cake in February… I’m a little behind in getting pictures uploaded.
Target Cake
Since we got a trial cake, we decided to take a trial run on cutting the cake together.
And looking happy during it.
And then feeding each other cake, which was surprisingly more dificult than we expected.
Take the cake! Eat it!.
I’m definitely glad we got to practice the cake cutting before the real deal.
Cake... all over your faaace


Approved! 26 September 2008

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Before we really started thinking about where we might be registering, we thought about what charity we’d like to support with our registry. Though the I Do Foundation, you can select from their already-approved charities or nominate the charity of your choice to recieve a percentage (3-10%, depending on the store) of the monies spent on your registry (from their partner stores, which include Target, REI, JC Penney, and They’re also partnered with, which gives up to 3% to the charity you select from the pre-made list.

For the I Do Foundation-partnered stores, we discussed several charities and decided to have two – Dawson County Humane Society and Terre Haute Humane Society. Angus came from Dawson County and they just built a shelter/clinic, instead of operating out of other vet’s clinics. In Terre Haute, Jeremy’s landlord worked with THHS, and often brought home larger dogs to foster. Both could use a little help.

Unfortunately, neither was already on the I Do Foundation’s list, so we submitted them for approval. Today, we got the email that they’ve both been approved! We’re very happy that we get to support these!