The Event of Awesomeness

aka Alex & Jeremy’s wedding/party

Sneak Peek 17 July 2009

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The first look at myself, all put together.

In the Mirror


Fitted 20 June 2009

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The Dress fitting on Thursday went very well. I changed into the dress…

Getting changed
and was excited to try the dress with the shoes. Gotta say- I’m very happy with the shoe decision. They’re from Sofft, and very soft. I really like the padded footbed and soft upper, and I’m hoping they’ll stay on all night without a problem.

As for the dress: the top still fits (with a bra I already own, too), the length is just right with the fabulous shoes, so all it really needed was  a bustle. we tried an American bustle and a French one, and both Sydney, Jennifer and Emily (the alterations lady) agreed: French was the way to go. So, Emily pinned it in place, and Syd  & I will head back next Thursday to try it on and learn how to do the bustle.

And then, we cooed over Paul, who was being a really good sport.

Paul, Jennifer and Emily


More dress 4 March 2009

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Oooh, you wanted to see fabric?

While I was in Ft. Wayne picking the dress, Janel and I found a great deal on some denim fabric, and I made a bag that the dress can travel in!

Teddy inspects the bag he supervised

I was amazed that it came together in about a day, but I did have lots of supervision and advice from Dawn and help from Teddy.

Teddy pressesWait, is this on right?

With plenty of cat scans.



Dress 26 February 2009

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I got teh Dress! It fits! It’s what I ordered! It’s fluffier than than the store sample! It needs a bustle! It’s gorgeous!

(You wanna see it?)


Outta here 6 February 2009

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I’m heading to Ft. Wayne this weekend to pick up a fancy dress!

And I’m looking forward to getting the full post together about what we did last weekend: tasting cupcakes.


Un-picked 15 January 2009

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Since I have already shared about the dress shopping, I thought I’d also share a few pictures of the dresses I did not pick. (Warning: unflattering pictures of me in giant dresses ahead!) (more…)


Phone call 13 December 2008

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Wednesday, while listening to a message, I recieved a phone call from a lady at a tux shop. She was just calling to tell me that they were having a sale/promotion on tuxes, so now might be a good time to pick them out. When I told her that the suit-wearers were going to wear their own suits, she thought that was a neat idea and wondered how all the planning was going. I replied, “It’d going more smoothly than I imagined it would.”

Then she asked if I’d gotten my dress yet, and I was happy to tell her that the message I was just listening to was the bridal shop telling me that my dress had arrived.