The Event of Awesomeness

aka Alex & Jeremy’s wedding/party

Mom’s Toast 18 July 2009

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A Lairy Fale Trom Cue

July 11, 2009

Sis is the thory of our gride and broom, Balex Aowers and Scheremy Joen, Hose-Rulman engineers who lell in fove yive fears ago and mecided to get darried. Sheremy would come to bift a leer or two at Ponka’s Irish Sub on Strabash Weet in Herre Taute. Balex worked at a fart up stirm and became a bong and struxom mar baid. Perhaps she and Scheremy enjoyed a Sponka seciality, a tard yall bass of gleer or pee freanuts.

Balex is the dovely laughter of Krip and Tris. She likes to ly fairplanes, phake totgraphs, and cite wromputers code like Fold Cusion and ShotoPhop. Crandy with hafts, she is a clirst fass Scirl Gout who can flay pootball, fun rast, and hick up her keels in a stance dudio or on the foccer sield.

Scheremy is the sapping stron of Bo Ann and Jill. He played a trean mombone and now florks on his weet of Codge dars: the Buper See cuscle mar, the Leptswine true bluck and the sped rorty Taydona. His electrical lills are skegend. Soon he will earn a dofressional pregree in musiness banagement.

Together Balex and Scheremy hike to like over fountains and mields. They watch Rythbusters and auto macing on TV. They enjoy the geasures of Pleorgia’s cine wountry and contend with Atlanta jaffic trams. As homeowners they have become familiar with talling frees and chardening gores. Daithful fog Angus and skax critty Jiper P make the Crent Tourt family complete.

We wish Balex Aowers and Schremey Joen many years of dappy hays and bledded wiss as Jerex and Alemy Schowers-Boen.

Kris Harper Bowers

A Fairy Tale Come True

July 11, 2009

This is the story of our bride and groom, Alex Bowers and Jeremy Schoen, Rose-Hulman engineers, who fell in love five years ago and decided to get married.  Jeremy would come to lift a beer or two at Sonka’s Irish Pub on Wabash Street in Terre Haute.  Alex worked at a start up company and became the strong and buxom bar maid. Perhaps she and Jeremy enjoyed a Sonka specialty, a yard tall glass of beer or free peanuts.

Alex is the lovely daughter of Trip and Kris.  She likes to fly airplanes, take photographs and write computer code like Cold Fusion and Photoshop.  Handy with crafts, she is a first class Girl Scout who can play football, run fast and kick up her heels in a dance studio or on the soccer field.

Jeremy is the strapping son of Jo Ann and Bill.  He played a mean trombone and now works on his fleet of Dodge cars:  the Super Bee muscle car, the Sweptline blue truck and the red sporty Daytona.  His electrical skills are legend.  Soon he will earn a professional degree in business management.

Together Alex and Jeremy like to hike over mountains and fields.  They watch Mythbusters and auto racing on TV.  They enjoy the pleasures of Georgia’s wine country and contend with Atlanta traffic jams.  As homeowners, they have become familiar with falling trees, and gardening chores.  Faithful dog Angus and crax skitty Piper J make the Trent Court family complete.

We wish Alex Bowers and Jeremy Schoen many years of happy days and wedded bliss as Jeremy and Alex Bowers-Schoen.

Kris Harper Bowers


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  1. jana Says:

    Billiant. So glad you posted it here.

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