The Event of Awesomeness

aka Alex & Jeremy’s wedding/party

Love/hate 10 July 2009

Filed under: Pre-wedding,Wedding thoughts — Palila @ 2:15

We both have a weird love/hate relationship with the registry.

We both love that it’s an organized way to keep things in order, especially if things work correctly and three crock pots don’t show up at a shower.

It wasn’t a bad thing. I (and later, we) were pretty flattered that the thing people thought we needed most was a crock pot (and trust me, we do/did need a replacement for lil’ sparky.) We’re both excited that we can cook things for, say, a dinner + leftovers, or meatballs for a baby shower in something we have.

We’re both a little weirded out by the “this is what we want”aspect. I think we’d both be most comfortable with the old-fashioned “register for a pattern, not for specific things” days, or almost no registry at all (except for the communication aspect.)

So, we’ve both come to view the registry as a suggestion box, if youse guys feel the need to get us a something. Either it’s “this is the pattern we like, in dishes/silverware/etc we think will last a long time”, or, “this is a suggestion of what we like and know we’d use, if you find something better/cheaper/faster elsewhere, that’s fine with us.” We trust your judgement of what you think we might need, if you think we need something.


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