The Event of Awesomeness

aka Alex & Jeremy’s wedding/party

Lights 30 June 2009

Filed under: Reception — Palila @ 9:38

What has Jeremy been working on for the wedding that’s gotten him excited? And required a Digi-Key order? And some circuit design?

The centerpieces.
Working on the lights

(Angus has been helping, too.)

He ordered the parts last week, and cannibalized some extra cat5 we had in the basement to create no-flame, reusable lights for the tables. It’s not going to get really dark at the MGH until near the end, thanks to an 8:50pm sunset, but the little leds do look nice a bright with the glass vases.

Set-up trial

After the wedding, we can turn them off, thanks to a switch in the circuit, double them up, and use them as back yard lights hanging from the shephard’s hook ceremony decor. And then use the leftover jars for canning.


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