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Counseling, self-directed 1 24 June 2009

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Since we were a little disappointed with the previous marriage-prep seminar we attended (recap: the biggest benefit we felt we got out of it was checking off that we’d done some kind of marriage-prep thing), we decided to make up our own marriage prep course. Last weekend, we undertook step 2: massage counseling (more on step 1 after I finish going through the photos.)

We chose the Decatur branch of Natural Body Spa for their Instructional Couple’s Massage, and it was pretty great. I’d been having some back pains after fite club, and Jeremy was definitely ready to ask questions about what he could do to help (since it was in the same places that he’s had muscular back pains.) Our therapist/instructor was great, showing him techniques that would help and, when he was the one on the table, showed me how to get rid of some of his tension spots, some of which he didn’t realize he had. As a bonus, one technique involved balancing on just my knees on him. I like a balance challenge.

We both learned a bunch from the class and feel confident that we’ll be able to get some of those small aches out, but also learned that a real massage from a pro might be a pre- or post-wedding necessity.


One Response to “Counseling, self-directed 1”

  1. maegen Says:

    I will never forget how much back pain I had from wearing that wedding dress all evening.

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