The Event of Awesomeness

aka Alex & Jeremy’s wedding/party

Lights 30 June 2009

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What has Jeremy been working on for the wedding that’s gotten him excited? And required a Digi-Key order? And some circuit design?

The centerpieces.
Working on the lights

(Angus has been helping, too.)

He ordered the parts last week, and cannibalized some extra cat5 we had in the basement to create no-flame, reusable lights for the tables. It’s not going to get really dark at the MGH until near the end, thanks to an 8:50pm sunset, but the little leds do look nice a bright with the glass vases.

Set-up trial

After the wedding, we can turn them off, thanks to a switch in the circuit, double them up, and use them as back yard lights hanging from the shephard’s hook ceremony decor. And then use the leftover jars for canning.


Announcement 27 June 2009

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My hometown newspaper has our announcement online. It’s just in time for my 10-year High School reunion picnic tomorrow, so I guess there will be something to talk about!



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Last night and this morning, we worked on finishing up the ceremony. We’re finializing the details of the ceremony itself after some input from our officiant, but when we went to look for some sort of “this is the front! Gather ’round here!” markers, we lucked out. We originally thought a garden arch or arbor would be nice, but also thought they were pretty expensive. Lowe’s had our favorite from our online browsing last night.  So, on the way to Lowe’s we stopped by Target… and found that we could get two fancy shepherd’s hooks and a trellis for way less than an arbor, and those pieces were on clearance. Sold! We can definitely use them in our yard afterward and they’ll be easier to decorate and transport than an arch.


Another transportation option

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Pedicabs! Apparently, these bicycle cabs are right at home in Decatur.


Counseling, self-directed 1 24 June 2009

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Since we were a little disappointed with the previous marriage-prep seminar we attended (recap: the biggest benefit we felt we got out of it was checking off that we’d done some kind of marriage-prep thing), we decided to make up our own marriage prep course. Last weekend, we undertook step 2: massage counseling (more on step 1 after I finish going through the photos.)

We chose the Decatur branch of Natural Body Spa for their Instructional Couple’s Massage, and it was pretty great. I’d been having some back pains after fite club, and Jeremy was definitely ready to ask questions about what he could do to help (since it was in the same places that he’s had muscular back pains.) Our therapist/instructor was great, showing him techniques that would help and, when he was the one on the table, showed me how to get rid of some of his tension spots, some of which he didn’t realize he had. As a bonus, one technique involved balancing on just my knees on him. I like a balance challenge.

We both learned a bunch from the class and feel confident that we’ll be able to get some of those small aches out, but also learned that a real massage from a pro might be a pre- or post-wedding necessity.


Reminder 20 June 2009

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This is the friendly reminder that, if you’re still holding on to a certain green, mad-lib-containing postcard, please fill it out and drop it in the mail asap.

Or email one of us.



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The Dress fitting on Thursday went very well. I changed into the dress…

Getting changed
and was excited to try the dress with the shoes. Gotta say- I’m very happy with the shoe decision. They’re from Sofft, and very soft. I really like the padded footbed and soft upper, and I’m hoping they’ll stay on all night without a problem.

As for the dress: the top still fits (with a bra I already own, too), the length is just right with the fabulous shoes, so all it really needed was  a bustle. we tried an American bustle and a French one, and both Sydney, Jennifer and Emily (the alterations lady) agreed: French was the way to go. So, Emily pinned it in place, and Syd  & I will head back next Thursday to try it on and learn how to do the bustle.

And then, we cooed over Paul, who was being a really good sport.

Paul, Jennifer and Emily