The Event of Awesomeness

aka Alex & Jeremy’s wedding/party

Tonight’s event 26 May 2009

Filed under: Wedding thoughts — Palila @ 16:49

In the whole “let’s plan a wedding” process, we’re not forgetting that the outcome of this planning is marriage, which should last a heck of  a lot longer than the wedding + planning. So, tonight, we’re heading up to Marietta for Cobb County’s marital seminar/workshop, Focus on Forever. On the surface, we really like that it’s free, ostensibly skills-based, and fits in nicely with our schedule. Hopefully, nothing is a surprise tonight, but we gain new insight on the covered topics.


3 Responses to “Tonight’s event”

  1. Jo Ann Schoen Says:

    So how did it go? Was it helpful? Did Jeremy take notes? ;-))

  2. Palila Says:

    It was ok. The biggest benefit we got out of it was the satisfaction of checking “do some kind of marriage prep class” off the list. Otherwise, the first half was “how to make a budget” and the second half mostly was about how talking to each other is good.

  3. […] under: Pre-wedding — Palila @ 0:54 Since we were a little disappointed with the previous marriage-prep seminar we attended (recap: the biggest benefit we felt we got out of it was checking off that we’d […]

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