The Event of Awesomeness

aka Alex & Jeremy’s wedding/party

Aware 18 May 2009

Filed under: Planning update — Palila @ 21:23

We’re aware that some of the invitations have not arrived due to a problem with some of the address rubbing off, making the envelopes undeliverable. We are collecting those invitations, re-packaging them (as the post office took the “undeliverable” status to mangle the envelope as much as they could. Luckily, we printed about a bajillion extra), and will be re-mailing them by the end of this week. I’m aware that the likelihood of a returned-envelope person reading this already is small, so if you’re just coming here and wondering why your invite seemed really late, please blame it on our printer’s ink, the thin letters of the font, and USPS.

I’m hoping that none get lost in Post Office Purgatory: undelivered and unreturned.


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