The Event of Awesomeness

aka Alex & Jeremy’s wedding/party

Tidbit 8 May 2009

Filed under: Planning update — Palila @ 8:41

The heavy paper around the outside of the inner envelope is seed paper- please, plant it and enjoy a wildflower mix of Baby Blue Eyes, Catchfly, Annual Gaillardia, Chinese Houses and Evening Primrose.


3 Responses to “Tidbit”

  1. maegen Says:

    Those invitations were the most awesomest of the awesomest.

  2. Lynda Says:

    Can’t wait to get my invitation. But if it never comes, be warned that Bill and Lynda are going to be wedding crashers.

  3. Palila Says:

    Thanks, Maegen!

    Lynda, I hope it arrives soon! We definitely addressed one to you, hoping it arrives soon (and doesn’t get returned to us.)

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