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Seas of invitations 30 April 2009

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Because they’re getting done in waves?

We’ve been busybusy getting the invitations ready to mail. Two and half weeks ago, we printed the inserts and the addresses on the rsvpostcards- the gocco seemed like overkill, so we gave in and just printed those with the laser printer. Two weeks ago, I finished goccoing the envelopes and took an assembled invite to weigh and test through the mail. The postage for the invite ended up being more than I thought, but not because of weight: the seed paper makes the envelope a little bulky, and the post office is happy to add a surcharge for that. The invitation arrived two days later fairly unscathed, so our invitation assembly began!

Sort of.

I figured out that I didn’t *quite* have enough seed paper to finish the invites, so I ordered some more. That just arrived, and all the inner envelopes (save for 2 awaiting spelling clarifications) are finished.

I’d also discovered that I couldn’t write on envelopes that would go through the mail- the gocco ink on them doesn’t play nicely with my pen ink. I was terribly heartbroken to learn that we’d have to use the laser printer for the addresses. I found some lovely labels at Paper Source and Jeremy stopped by the store on the way home from school to pick them up. The good news- they had them, the bad- the only had half the amount we needed in stock.

So, we packaged up the half we could and have those ready to go.

Tonight, I wanted, at least, to get all the rsvpostcards in the envelopes but… I ran out of stamps. Hopefully, we’ll get the missing parts and pieces tomorrow and these puppies in the post by Saturday, or Monday at the latest.

If nothing else, we’ll get half in the mail this weekend and the other half shortly after.


One Response to “Seas of invitations”

  1. Jo Ann Schoen Says:

    Can’t wait to see the finished product.

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