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Cake trial 2 April 2009

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So, for registering at Target, we got a free cake sample. Yeah, we got the cake in February… I’m a little behind in getting pictures uploaded.
Target Cake
Since we got a trial cake, we decided to take a trial run on cutting the cake together.
And looking happy during it.
And then feeding each other cake, which was surprisingly more dificult than we expected.
Take the cake! Eat it!.
I’m definitely glad we got to practice the cake cutting before the real deal.
Cake... all over your faaace


2 Responses to “Cake trial”

  1. jana Says:

    target did not give us a free cake for registering!!

  2. Alex Says:

    Man! I mean, they didn’t go “thanks for registering, here’s some cake!”, but there was a coupon for a sample cake from their bakery in the registry packet. (Which we now use to hold all our coupons. That was the most useful bit.)

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