The Event of Awesomeness

aka Alex & Jeremy’s wedding/party

Drawing board: back to it 22 March 2009

Filed under: Decisions — Palila @ 12:06

After some trial with much error, I’m giving up on the “let’s print on the back!” idea and calling the invitation cards done, except for rounding the corners. We’re going to have to come up with another plan of attack for indicating that there’s a reception after the wedding. Or something. We’re headed to Paper Source for more rsvpostcards today, so we’ll poke around at their examples for inspiration.

Story behind the cards: I had gotten a 25-pack of the A6 flat cards at the store and determined that they would work fine for postcards. Then the rounded-corner flat cards went on sale, so I finished my order online with those. Upon opening them, I discovered that the two card types were different weights (though they both say they’re made from cover-weight paper) and expressed to Jeremy my concern that the lighter pre-rounded corner ones wouldn’t make it through the mail. He wasn’t so sure that it would matter and busted out his calipers to compare to other postcards. The results: non-rounded corner ones are 0.012 inches thick, the pre-rounded corners are 0.011 inches thick, and comparison postcards are 0.013-0.014 inches thick. Conclusion: the non-pre-rounded corner ones will be printed as rsvpostcards, and the other cards will become the invitation inserts/maps.


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