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Question of the year 9 March 2009

Filed under: Questions — Palila @ 19:53

This weekend, Gordon and I set out to print the words on the invitations and ran into a quandary: Does the year go on the invitation?

Looking at the first invitation to someone else’s wedding I could find, I saw that the year was included. I also noticed that it had “and” in it, as in “Two Thousand and Eight”, which I remember as being incorrect. So I asked the other “Summer of Love” brides on IndieBride, and got conflicting answers. Some said yes, include it. Some said that they didn’t know, but they were including it. One said that she also didn’t know, but they weren’t including it. Yet another said that it didn’t matter as long as it was spelled correctly with no “and,” as in “Two Thousand Nine”. The last word so far is from Emily Post, who doesn’t have the year in her examples, the idea being that nobody would ever send out an invitation so far in advance that the year would not be understood to be the current year (or the next year if, say, the wedding is in January and invites are sent in October).

What do you think? Visually, it looks ok either way.


7 Responses to “Question of the year”

  1. rhiannon Says:

    The year might be nice as far for sentimental purposes. like, your invite will probably go in my box of cards and invites. And when I decide to look in the box in 50 years (I mean, I will have looked at it before that too… but I needed a date far in the future for my example), I’ll have possibly forgotten the year….

    I dunno.

  2. Ash Says:

    I think I included the year. Mostly because the year was significant, like millions of others we picked 7-7-07, but we picked it on accident.

    I don’t think most people will notice or care if the year is there or not. I, for one, wouldn’t notice.

  3. Lindsay Says:

    We did the year also, for the “sentimental reasons” reason . . . my mom has ours on display, and I’ve kept some of ours that may or may not get framed or end up in a memento book. But definitely don’t write “two thousand AND nine.” Big pet peeve of Caleb’s–he may not show as a result. 😉

  4. janel Says:

    I’ve check the invitations that I’ve saved and they all have the year. The year is part of the date you’ve chosen and should be included.

  5. janel Says:

    check out for wording ideas. Lots to choose from.

  6. Palila Says:

    Hmm… I don’t think that a spelling tiff is a way that we want to cut down the guest list (I think I might not attend if I mis-wrote the year like that, Lindsay.)

    Ok. Putting the year on. (Note: whether or not we put the year on (711, 117, 7112009, 1172009), the date is still prime. Shortening the year is how we’d have a non-prime date.)

  7. Lynda Says:

    I vote to put the year on, primarily because there are some minor reasons to keep it and no good reason to leave it off.

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