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aka Alex & Jeremy’s wedding/party

More dress 4 March 2009

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Oooh, you wanted to see fabric?

While I was in Ft. Wayne picking the dress, Janel and I found a great deal on some denim fabric, and I made a bag that the dress can travel in!

Teddy inspects the bag he supervised

I was amazed that it came together in about a day, but I did have lots of supervision and advice from Dawn and help from Teddy.

Teddy pressesWait, is this on right?

With plenty of cat scans.

I started with the fabric on Saturday night.

The materials

And then, that night, cut it in half, laid it out, pinned it and cut the curves for the shoulders.

Pinning the button flapsMaking sure the shoulder cuts are even

The next morning, I sewed the seams for the button- and buttonhole-flap-areas.

Both flaps: sewn

From there, I sewed down both sides, leaving a gap where the two sides came together and the hanger was supposed to go through. Next, it was time for pressing, trimming the seams to about half an inch, and notching the curves. I also double-stitched those curved for reinforcement after recommendation from Dawn.

Lots and lots of pressing

And then top-stitching around the hanger-hole. (hehe, hanger-hole!) This was a little tricky, since all the fabric had to be maneuvered around the needle in order to get a nice rectangle.

Reinforcing the hanger-hole

And then came reinforcing the corners of the bottom flap. I was inspired by the construction of our duvet cover: the bottom corners are already sewn, the duvet goes in, the cover buttons close like a pocket.

Reinforced corner

Finally, buttons! It took a little practicing to get the buttonhole sewing down and the tension correctly adjusted (switching from the heavy-duty denim thread to a lighter quilting thread really helped.) I thought it was neat that Dawn’s sewing machine also can automatically do the buttons, too.

Buttonhole practiceRow of buttons

And then, as a little icing, a little personalization. 🙂

Initials and date

And that’s my brand-new bag!

Unfortunately, the dress would not have fit in the overhead comartment of the CRJ that flies between ATL & FWA, so it’s going to travel via underground aunt railroad and should make it down here in the spring.


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