The Event of Awesomeness

aka Alex & Jeremy’s wedding/party

Things to see 31 March 2009

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Decatur Metro has an excellent question: What are the best tourist spots in Decatur? I agree with the comments: BSP or Twain’s, the shopping, the cemetary and Eddie’s Attic.


Picked up 27 March 2009

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Worthmore called on Wednesday to tell me that my ring had arrived, so I picked it up yesterday. It fits! It feels nice! It looks great! Hooray! I’m really excited about it and am looking forward to getting to wear it for reals, not just while prancing around the house. (I mean, I would never do that.)

This weekend, we’re hoping to finish printing the rest of the rsvp cards (at least, finish one side of them). It should be a weekend of light wedding-related stuffs: Jeremy’s entering our truck in the GA Tech Auto Show on Saturday, I’m running a half marathon on Sunday, and then we’re watching the first F1 race of the season on Sunday afternoon. I forsee a lot of corner-clipping of invitations and rsvp cards during the Melbourne race.


Symbolic checkmark 23 March 2009

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We headed to Worthmore this past weekend after hitting up Paper Source to get another task accomplished: finding me a wedding ring. Jeremy’s using his engagement ring as his wedding ring (you know, gotta let those undergrads he’s teaching that he’s taken), and I wanted something simple that will resist the everything I seem to get my engagement ring into. So, a plain, low-profile, thing wedding band it is! Hooray! Obtaining those outward symbols of marriage (or the “hainds-off! I’s taken” rings, as Angus likes to call them) is finished!


Drawing board: back to it 22 March 2009

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After some trial with much error, I’m giving up on the “let’s print on the back!” idea and calling the invitation cards done, except for rounding the corners. We’re going to have to come up with another plan of attack for indicating that there’s a reception after the wedding. Or something. We’re headed to Paper Source for more rsvpostcards today, so we’ll poke around at their examples for inspiration.

Story behind the cards: I had gotten a 25-pack of the A6 flat cards at the store and determined that they would work fine for postcards. Then the rounded-corner flat cards went on sale, so I finished my order online with those. Upon opening them, I discovered that the two card types were different weights (though they both say they’re made from cover-weight paper) and expressed to Jeremy my concern that the lighter pre-rounded corner ones wouldn’t make it through the mail. He wasn’t so sure that it would matter and busted out his calipers to compare to other postcards. The results: non-rounded corner ones are 0.012 inches thick, the pre-rounded corners are 0.011 inches thick, and comparison postcards are 0.013-0.014 inches thick. Conclusion: the non-pre-rounded corner ones will be printed as rsvpostcards, and the other cards will become the invitation inserts/maps.


Year! 20 March 2009

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Conclusion: the year is going on the invite. Though it’s “ok”, it squishes up the text a little bit more, so I’m thinking of moving the “dinner and dancing to follow”/”food and merriment immediatly afterward”/”grub and good times over yonder” line to the back of the invitiaton. Since the ceremony and reception are in the same location, I don’t think it’s enough info to warrant another card in the invite package, not sure if it needs to be on the front of the incvite, and I think it’ll live happily on the back. Thoughts? Will it be missed if it goes on the back?


Huh. 13 March 2009

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Holy crap. We’ve been dating for 5 years. Five freaking years. I think it’s about time we get ourselves married.


Question of the year 9 March 2009

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This weekend, Gordon and I set out to print the words on the invitations and ran into a quandary: Does the year go on the invitation?

Looking at the first invitation to someone else’s wedding I could find, I saw that the year was included. I also noticed that it had “and” in it, as in “Two Thousand and Eight”, which I remember as being incorrect. So I asked the other “Summer of Love” brides on IndieBride, and got conflicting answers. Some said yes, include it. Some said that they didn’t know, but they were including it. One said that she also didn’t know, but they weren’t including it. Yet another said that it didn’t matter as long as it was spelled correctly with no “and,” as in “Two Thousand Nine”. The last word so far is from Emily Post, who doesn’t have the year in her examples, the idea being that nobody would ever send out an invitation so far in advance that the year would not be understood to be the current year (or the next year if, say, the wedding is in January and invites are sent in October).

What do you think? Visually, it looks ok either way.