The Event of Awesomeness

aka Alex & Jeremy’s wedding/party

Dress 26 February 2009

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I got teh Dress! It fits! It’s what I ordered! It’s fluffier than than the store sample! It needs a bustle! It’s gorgeous!

(You wanna see it?)


Flight Sale! 24 February 2009

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AirTran just announced a fare sale to/from Atlanta. (Indianapolis & Dayton: $59 each way.)

Fares are good through August, but must be booked by 5 March.


Round 2 18 February 2009

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Round 2
With a sparkler in the Carrot Cake one for G’s birthday.

  • Red velvet was really almondy- not just in the icing, like the coconut, but all over. With a different icing, it would have been better.
  • Salted caramel: mixed reviews. It wasn’t bad, but not great. I felt it was a little bland.
  • Carrot cake: Dry. Wasn’t very carrot-y. The icing was yummy, though.
  • Mocha (#4) was the clear winner here. The texture, the creaminess… yum.
  • Vanilla/chocolate: Good, especially liked the texture. Wish we’d gotten the chocolate/chocolate vegan one instead of this, though.
  • We weren’t disappointed with this round, the first round was just so amazing that these had a lot to live up to.

We’ll probably have a round 3 in the last few weeks before the wedding, to check out the seasonal flavors, and then we’ll have the final decision of cupcake composition for the cake table!


Round 1 17 February 2009

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Round 1

From left to right:

  • Lemon: yum. yumyumyummy. Icing tastes like clouds. It’s totally in.
  • Sugar cookie: Also yum. The icing is very fudgy, and the cake not too sweet. A really nice balance.
  • Chocolate: Very chocolaty. Also, really tasty.
  • Coconut: Very disappointed that it tasted like almonds, not coconut. Liked the texture of the cupcake, but not the icing. We were all scooping up fallen coconut flakes, so we felt like we’d eaten coconut anything.

Outta here 6 February 2009

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I’m heading to Ft. Wayne this weekend to pick up a fancy dress!

And I’m looking forward to getting the full post together about what we did last weekend: tasting cupcakes.


A tip! 5 February 2009

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Lynda shared a tip in the comments, and I thought it was so awesome that it needed more attention, if you’re looking at hotel reservations:

This is how you can make a secure reservation without having to make a phone call.

Click on the link and put in your information just as if you were booking online.

When the rates come up, on the left side there is a link to talk to an agent using secure chat. Have your credit card handy and the name Bowers-Schoen, then click on the link.

Someone will take your reservation online, then give you your confirmation number and also email your printable confirmation. My someone was Julius.




Making plans 1 February 2009

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We’re making the overall scheduled event plans for the weekend of the wedding and, if you happen to be in town on Friday night, we’re planning to have a gathering of some sort at the hotel. The details are still in the works, but we wanted to give you a heads up!