The Event of Awesomeness

aka Alex & Jeremy’s wedding/party

Phone call 13 December 2008

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Wednesday, while listening to a message, I recieved a phone call from a lady at a tux shop. She was just calling to tell me that they were having a sale/promotion on tuxes, so now might be a good time to pick them out. When I told her that the suit-wearers were going to wear their own suits, she thought that was a neat idea and wondered how all the planning was going. I replied, “It’d going more smoothly than I imagined it would.”

Then she asked if I’d gotten my dress yet, and I was happy to tell her that the message I was just listening to was the bridal shop telling me that my dress had arrived.



The main event site 4 December 2008

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One of the things we did over the holiday was go to Adair Park (the park next to the Mary Gay House) and look for a ceremony site. We know that we’ll have a stand-up wedding, so we were looking for a place in the park with enough open space for everyone to gather ’round, but also with enough shade that nobody bakes and burns during those 10-15 minutes. We found some good spots for gathering ’round, and Jeremy and I will certainly be back with Mr. Dog to judge shade cover when it’s not raining and once the leaves return to the trees.

The favored spot right now? At the top of the hill past the sign, in the clearing near the benches.
Wedding site