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A winner! 13 November 2008

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Hey, I’m a winner! I got an email this morning from Mrs. Bee at Weddingbee that I’d won a copy of “Where to Go When,” a travel book about best time of year to visit certain destinations in America. Hooray!

We have been discussing a honeymoon, and we’re still kicking around a few ideas. We know that it’ll probably be small, probably in the good old US of A, and we’d like to do things outdoors.Some of the ideas:

  • going to a national park and hiking around for a few days (staying in a lodge with showers, though)
  • going to a B&B around the VA Creeper Trail and biking/hiking for a few days
  • making a list of cheesy tourist traps in the southeast and visiting a string of them (would make an awesome funnymoon!)
  • and maybe we’ll get some more ideas from this book!

Do you have any ideas we should consider?


10 Responses to “A winner!”

  1. Jo Ann Schoen Says:

    Make it some place romantic and relaxing. I could name dozens and dozens!

  2. Mom Says:

    Make it some place where you are NOT tempted to visit relatives or friends. This is your time.

  3. Palila Says:

    Good point, Mom. Hmm… hopefully we will have seen our family/friends at the wedding, and won’t want or need to visit?

    What do you suggest, Jo Ann? We’d love to know!

  4. Georgia Says:

    Maybe go out of the southeast? New York? Yellowstone? A cruise? Hawaii? Baltimore? Maine?

  5. Mom Says:

    A train trip is nice. Seeing the county a little by rail, staying at a B&B and doing a little hiking?

  6. Jo Ann Schoen Says:

    One of my favorite places on earth is Shaker Village between Lexington and Harrodsburg, KY. It is one of the most peaceful, calm places on earth. I also found a B & B in the mountains in Virginia that I visited the year Jeremy graduated from High School. No TV or Phones. Don’t know for sure if they are still in business. I’d have to look into it. Of course I would recommend a steamboat ride, but don’t know if we’re going to get the DELTA QUEEN saved yet! And you could possibly contact Cooks to see about spending a couple nights at Cedar Farm. I loved the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Beaufort, South Carolina is a wonderful town full of history kinda off the beaten path. That’s just off the top of my head. With a little thought I probably could come up with that many more!!!

  7. Lynda Says:

    Although I love the Outer Banks, July probably isn’t a good time to be there. It’s hot AND crowded. My first thought was Maine (where I’ve never been) or Adirondack State Park (where I’ve also never been). I’ve always wanted to shop the original LL Bean at 2 am, and several friends have raved about some of the kayaking and hiking in Adirondack State Park. So go both places and tell me about them. I HAVE been to Algonquin Park in Ontario, and it was very, very excellent. It’s huge AND you will see moose.

  8. Palila Says:

    Hmm.. Maine.. We could hike around Mt. Katahdin, the end part of the AT. Amtrak does have a station in the ATL and they go a lot more places than I thought. We’ll look into the parks and regions you all mentioned. Thank you for the ideas!

  9. janel Says:

    How about Alaska? If you have air miles you may be able to use them or check out priceline for a discount ticket. I think it is the most beautiful place on earth. You can take the train to Denali
    Natl. Park where you can hike, whitewater raft and just take in the mountain. The flowers in Homer are over 6 feet tall – just spectacular. It would be a trip that you would never forget.

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