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The rest of the checkmark 4 November 2008

Filed under: Lodging — Palila @ 19:33

We turned in our hotel agreement, so that’s taken care of! The Bowers-Schoen hotel block at the Holiday Inn-Decatur is open!


5 Responses to “The rest of the checkmark”

  1. Micky Says:

    Can we go ahead and make reservations? I need dates, woman!

  2. Palila Says:

    Yes! Wedding is 11 July- and I should have a more comprehensive FAQ page finished soon.

  3. Lynda Says:

    And perhaps you can save us from extra clicks and provide the link, because like I’m really lazy..

  4. Palila Says:

    I have added a link (thought I had before. Oh well.)

    One side note- Kathy tried to reserve some rooms last week and they said that they had the contract, but hadn’t put the info in the computer yet, so it may or may not be actually available yet.

  5. Lynda Says:

    This is how you can make a secure reservation without having to make a phone call.

    Click on the link and put in your information just as if you were booking online.

    When the rates come up, on the left side there is a link to talk to an agent using secure chat. Have your credit card handy and the name Bowers-Schoen, then click on the link.

    Someone will take your reservation online, then give you your confirmation number and also email your printable confirmation. My someone was Julius.



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