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Happy Thanksgiving 27 November 2008

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Happy Thanksgiving, everybody! Hope it’s yummy, happy and warm. Mom, Christel and Jo Ann are headed over tomorrow, and we’re hoping to knock out a couple or three major tasks over the holiday. You’ll hopefully see the results of our labors sooner rather than later. šŸ™‚

I’m sure you’ve already noticed it, but I added the FAQ page to the top. There’s a little more to add, but I’ll announce it here once we add it. Any other questions we should address on the page?


Smile! 24 November 2008

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Guess what we did this weekend? Here’s a hint:

Decatur Courthouse Steps


A winner! 13 November 2008

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Hey, I’m a winner! I got an email this morning from Mrs. Bee at Weddingbee that I’d won a copy of “Where to Go When,” a travel book about best timeĀ of year to visitĀ certain destinationsĀ in America. Hooray!

We have been discussing a honeymoon, and we’re still kicking around a few ideas. We know that it’ll probably be small, probably in the good old US of A, and we’d like to do things outdoors.Some of the ideas:

  • going to a national park and hiking around for a few days (staying in a lodge with showers, though)
  • going to a B&B around the VA Creeper Trail and biking/hiking for a few days
  • making a list of cheesy tourist traps in the southeast and visiting a string of them (would make an awesome funnymoon!)
  • and maybe we’ll get some more ideas from this book!

Do you have any ideas we should consider?


The rest of the checkmark 4 November 2008

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We turned in our hotel agreement, so that’s taken care of! The Bowers-Schoen hotel block at the Holiday Inn-Decatur is open!


Ok.. 1 November 2008

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Nevermind on eating at Crescent Moon. They closed last week, having been bought back by the original owner, and will reopen this month in the same location under the name “Thumbs Up,” with a menu similar to the original Thumbs up/Crescent Moon. The name “Crescent Moon” may have been un-tangled from the bankruptcy procedure by July, but for now, it’s going to be “Thumbs Up.”

Hopefully, The Heap will remain on the menu in some form.