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Approved! 26 September 2008

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Before we really started thinking about where we might be registering, we thought about what charity we’d like to support with our registry. Though the I Do Foundation, you can select from their already-approved charities or nominate the charity of your choice to recieve a percentage (3-10%, depending on the store) of the monies spent on your registry (from their partner stores, which include Target, REI, JC Penney, and They’re also partnered with, which gives up to 3% to the charity you select from the pre-made list.

For the I Do Foundation-partnered stores, we discussed several charities and decided to have two – Dawson County Humane Society and Terre Haute Humane Society. Angus came from Dawson County and they just built a shelter/clinic, instead of operating out of other vet’s clinics. In Terre Haute, Jeremy’s landlord worked with THHS, and often brought home larger dogs to foster. Both could use a little help.

Unfortunately, neither was already on the I Do Foundation’s list, so we submitted them for approval. Today, we got the email that they’ve both been approved! We’re very happy that we get to support these!


2 Responses to “Approved!”

  1. Jo Ann Schoen Says:

    Wonderful idea. I’m sure Angus would appreciate you guys helping out his cousins.

  2. rhiyaya Says:

    That’s awesome! I wish I had known about that for our wedding because every year for my birthday and Christmas I ask for donations to the Asheville Humane Society

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