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Ridiculousness 12 September 2008

Filed under: Wedding thoughts — Palila @ 13:46

One of the things that Jeremy and I would like to avoid is the ridiculousness part of weddings. By that, we mean that we’d like everything at our wedding to be reusable, reused, recyclable, compostable, edible, or of use after the wedding. And, of course, nothing monogrammed, because then everyone would be attending the BS wedding.

So, at the bridal show I attended with Sydney and Abby a few weekends ago, my goal was to find 5 ridiculous things that I didn’t need. I didn’t imagine that I’d find all the ridiculousness on one table. (A secondary goal was to get some paper goods ideas but, sadly, there weren’t any paper goods vendors to be found. Also, no caterers, which made for a pretty sucky bridal expo-thing. And! They had some “give us your information” card that we were supposed to fill out when we arrived, and one of the questions was “how much to you plan to spend on your wedding?”, but the smallest amount was $10,000. $10k! I added my own “less than $10k” box, checked it and then didn’t turn the card in, thereby successfully avoiding giving them my information.)

The table of ridiculousness was a favor vendor. Mini-whisks in heart shapes! Measuring spoons in heart shapes! Tiny monogrammed notebooks! And my favorite, LED tea-candles on tall, spindly pillar-things! And those seemed like the most possibly practical things on the table. I can’t remember the heights to which the ridiculousness went. After all, the LED tea candle won’t set the place on fire if Cousin Shannon knocks it over while reaching across the table to nab the center piece after a few drinks. The woman trying to sell me on this stuff seemed to realize how ridiculous this stuff was, and could probably tell how ridiculous I thought it was.

Now, I also saw favors on that table that I’ve loved and use at home (coasters? wine stopper? tin of X (that also happens to be attracted to magnets)? All in use at our home right now.) But for the most part, we can do without those things.


6 Responses to “Ridiculousness”

  1. Ash Says:

    May I suggest M&M’s with something personalized written on them. The hubby Dad did that for us. You can get any color and have anything written on them.

    They’re great as far as favors go, eating them makes them go away and you can come up with something to put them in that makes it not ridiculous :p

  2. Palila Says:

    That would definitely make them fall into the “edible” category, and I’ve seen lots of “buy 1, get 1 free” coupons in the paper (I have a feeling that the personalized ones aren’t catching on as much as Mars would like.)
    Hmm… I’ll put those into the list of possibilities.

  3. Mom Says:

    Yay, I vote for consumables.

  4. Lynda Says:

    And don’t underestimate the entertainment value of the whole “BS Wedding” idea. My husband’s initials are BS, and he finds fun ways to play on that all the time.

    Unless, of course, you actually WANT to be dignified.

    Mrs. BS

  5. Lynda Says:

    And by the way, check this out in lieu of the M & M’s thing in case some of you are boycotting the Mars Company because they use animal testing:

  6. Palila Says:

    Hee! I’m thinking that “BS wedding” would be great for STDs! And thanks for pointing out that Mars is using animal testing. I know Angus certainly appreciates it! (and won’t eat their candies ever again.)

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