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Another flower option 10 September 2008

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I had another thought about bouquets. We could make the bouquets (3), boutonnieres (7-8) and corsages/mini-bouquets/whatever the mothers want (4) for the wedding the day before, and store them in our cleared-out fridge. It would definitely be a all-hands-on-deck flower party, but we could just hit the flower market that morning, see what’s available, and improvise flowers/colors from there. We’d be able to mix in herbs and garden flowers, too, making sure that there’s plenty of greenery.

And then, for centerpieces, we could grow herbs and flowers in pots (or just grow the herbs, and stick cut flowers in later), so we’d have yummy-smelling (and edible!) centerpieces that, if they aren’t all taken by people, are useful after the wedding. My flower thumb is pretty black, but my herbs and veggies thumb is pretty darn green.

Some examples of practice and day-before bouquets. And some instructional videos and posts.

So, what do you think of that?


10 Responses to “Another flower option”

  1. lmasland Says:

    I think it’s totally doable and somehow more authentic to just go with what you find. The only concenrs are that you absolutely have to have everything else finished before the day before, and most brides don’t do that. Even I was running around doing stuff last minute and my wedding was planned to the gills. Otherwise, it could end up being a pretty stressful affair. Other things to think about– you have to absolutely trust the flower arranging skills of whoever you invite to your “all hands on decK”, and even better would be to have a dry run a month or so prior with those same hands. Just think– it could be pretty awkward having to say to your best frined the day before your wedding, “Um, that bouquet is ugly.” And lastly, you have to be prepared for any possible color and flower/herb combination. That is pretty obvious, but if there’s any part of you that will be going into the flower market with an image you’re trying to replicate, you could end up dissappointed if they don’t have the key elements that day. Finally, I love the herb pots idea, and I like flowers more than you do, so I double love the idea of sticking cut flowers into the herb pots.

  2. Palila Says:

    I don’t really have any pre-conceived notions in my head about what I’d really like. (bright flowers? Sure! All greenery and one flower? Great! They’re out of all flowers, everywhere? I’ll carry a magic wand!) I trust my friends (and more importantly, the aunts who volunteered) to make pretty things, and was thinking that it’d be best to do a practice while they’re in town, seasonal flowers be dammed.

    It’s not that I don’t love flowers, because I do, I just don’t love the smell of florist flowers. Our garden flowers? Love. lovelovelove.

    The running around is what concerns me most, but that’s always been my concern with large events, and I always ended up finishing things the day before (excluding delivery to the site) or just giving up on the idea, if it’s not really important. Whoo, checklists and the need to finish all the ideas right away, as soon as I think about them.

  3. rhiannon Says:

    Yeah, I second the thing about just making sure you’re realistic about what you’ll have time to do. I remember Charlotte deciding that we should all go to the movies on her wedding day, since it was a late afternoon wedding. Uhhh, obviously that didn’t happen, and in fact, she didn’t even have time to get her manicure done, since she didn’t make reservations 🙂

  4. Palila Says:

    I’ll bring a stopwatch to the practice. If it’s just taking too long to make things, I’ll look harder at florists. 🙂

  5. Palila Says:

    P.S. I can’t imagine saying to anybody, “I’m having a big party this evening, at which I’m dressing up all fancy and will be the center of attention; let’s go to the movies!”

  6. rhiyaya Says:

    Yeah, I think she was trying to prove how calm and collected she was 🙂

  7. janel harper Says:

    Just a thought – if you used silk flowers you could make up long before the wedding. One less thing to think about the night before.

  8. Palila Says:

    Very true, Janel. We could also make silk ones as backups and use them for decoration, too. Perhaps we could use silk ones to practice?

  9. Lynda Says:

    Hey, I know this is now an old topic, but I’m killing time at your site, so I’m going to comment. Don’t, don’t, don’t overplan the day of your wedding.


    If you do, Angus will get sick, and a tree will fall on your car. Stuff happens when people make plans.

    Your job should be to sit around having a pedicure and drinking adult beverages, and maybe taking a shower and doing your makeup. That’s a big enough plan for the day.

    On the other hand, if you have arty family (not me) and friends, and if they want to make bouquets for you, then that’s cool. But only if they can do the job from beginning to end (farmer’s market to delivery).

    That’s what I think anyway.

  10. Palila Says:

    Tree on cars- been there, done that.
    Angus getting sick- also done that. He seems to time it when I’m stressed out, anyway, so we’re already planning on that happening.

    (Not that I disagree with you. I’m totally fine with just getting my hair done and being in pictures.)

    I’m thinking that, if we go this way with the flowers, if it’s not done by the end of the rehearsal, it’s not going to happen. (My back-up plan is to steal, err… ask to cut some of the neighbor’s gorgeous dark blue hydrangeas and then tie a ribbon around one or two. There’s plenty for Team Wedding to carry in, bouquets are nice-to-have, and boutonnieres… we could use roses from our front yard? I know that the moms and dads are special enough without flowers!)

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