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Ideas about flowers, mini-post style 7 September 2008

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I’m sort of in agreement with Grandma Harper about this: to me, flowers from flower shops smell like the flower room at the Fun Home. It’s not that I’m really against them, they’re really pretty, but I’m not so fond of the smell. I think it might be the foam, but it also might be the fridge that they store them in. So, I’ve been collecting some ideas about what might be fun as something to ask for as an addition/change when I talk to shops, or as an alternative to flowers for me and for the members of Team Bride that are cool with carrying bouquets.

I really like the addition of herbs to a bouquet, since I still love the bright colors, or the fern/greenery/simple flower approach. If we go to our back-up plan of having teh ceremony in the park next to the Mary Gay House and it’s raining, I love the colored umbrellas (though we’d have the ceremony under the tent.)

Any other ideas?


7 Responses to “Ideas about flowers, mini-post style”

  1. rhiannon Says:

    awww, some of those are so cute! i love the idea of the bejeweled bouquets… but not so much the one that is only plasticy jewels- it looks like an 80s Christmas tree.

  2. Jo Ann Schoen Says:

    This is fun. I vote for the fern bouquet or the flower purses. Depending on how many guests are at the wedding, it could take a long time to collect a flower from every one as you walked down the aisle.

  3. rhiannon Says:

    the purses also make a nice place to hide a couple of tissues. i know that in my wedding the bridesmaids actually had to shove a few tissues down into the bouquet

  4. Palila Says:

    Both excellent points. I will consider the purses a bit more, and the “build-a-bouquet” a bit less.

    Still in love with the ferns and greenery.

  5. Jo Ann Schoen Says:

    Ferns and greenery and just stick in two or three wildflowers in bloom to give it a little color.

  6. Palila Says:

    Yes! Exactly.

  7. janel harper Says:

    check out Tussie Mussies. Lots of info on computer. they are vintage using flowers and herbs. very pretty.

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