The Event of Awesomeness

aka Alex & Jeremy’s wedding/party

Fun times with kids 28 September 2008

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Some fun stuff to do around around town, bring the kids!


Approved! 26 September 2008

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Before we really started thinking about where we might be registering, we thought about what charity we’d like to support with our registry. Though the I Do Foundation, you can select from their already-approved charities or nominate the charity of your choice to recieve a percentage (3-10%, depending on the store) of the monies spent on your registry (from their partner stores, which include Target, REI, JC Penney, and They’re also partnered with, which gives up to 3% to the charity you select from the pre-made list.

For the I Do Foundation-partnered stores, we discussed several charities and decided to have two – Dawson County Humane Society and Terre Haute Humane Society. Angus came from Dawson County and they just built a shelter/clinic, instead of operating out of other vet’s clinics. In Terre Haute, Jeremy’s landlord worked with THHS, and often brought home larger dogs to foster. Both could use a little help.

Unfortunately, neither was already on the I Do Foundation’s list, so we submitted them for approval. Today, we got the email that they’ve both been approved! We’re very happy that we get to support these!


Atlanta/Georgia Government 23 September 2008

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If you head to downtown Atlanta, here’s some governmental-type things you might want to check out, if you’re interested in that kind of thing.


Yay, math! 21 September 2008

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Our full date, 7-11-2009, is totally a prime number when squished together.

7112009 is a prime number



Smokes 20 September 2008

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Looking for, say, a cigar shop near the MGH? Or looking for something in the Decatur area? (Note: The MGH rules say that smoking is only permitted outside on the patio.)


First 19 September 2008

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Had the first (of what I hope are very few) wedding-related freakout last weekend, mostly along the lines of “I’ve got so many ideas and I need to execute them all. right. now.”

So, last weekend, while I was at the mall, I saw that ties were on sale for cheaper than I can buy the material. In colors that I might want. And, of course, they’ll never be on sale again. So there were a flurry of texts between me and Jeremy about tie numbers and colors before I came to my senses and told myself that ties will be on sale again, like after Christmas and Father’s Day, and I need to make them myself anyway, so I can print on them before pressing, and ties are really, really easy to make. And if I got them now, we would lose one, or the cat would claw them up and we’d have to shop again or I’d have to make another one. So I went home and had a glass of wine and some cookies.

And then I remembered that we don’t even need ties, we just need the license, officiant and the people we love to get married. Coordinating ties are totally in the “nice to have” category.

After all, it’s just a wedding.


Update 17 September 2008

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So far this week, we’ve emailed a bunch of caterers already on the Mary Gay House’s approved caterer list (it just means that they’ve worked with these caterers before and didn’t have a problem.) I also hit up Hancock Fabrics for some practice material (more on the reason for that next week.) Hooray, sales and remnant bins!

Tonight, we’re stopping by the hotel near downtown Decatur (and within half a mile of the MGH) to check it over and see about reserving a block of rooms.