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aka Alex & Jeremy’s wedding/party

Pretty ordinary day 20 August 2008

Filed under: Attire,Decisions,Team Bride — Palila @ 18:59

I spent Monday with my Aunt Janel and, after lunch, we went by a wedding shop that she’d never been to, just to kind of look at dresses for fun. And I puchased one.


10 Responses to “Pretty ordinary day”

  1. Sydney Says:

    Uh…hello? Pictures?

  2. Palila Says:

    No worries, they’re coming! (Along with a large notice for TCB not to look.)

    But, if you want to see the dress on a model (No looking, TCB):

  3. George Says:


  4. Palila Says:

    Thanks! I’m a huge fan.

    (I realize it’s a little unfair to expect TCB to wait for a surprise on the wedding day, but I’m expecting a bit of a surprise on his outfit, since he’s dodgy on what he’s wearing, though he has a really nice suit that was marketed as the “not-a-tux… but can server as one” suit. So,I’m not asking about what shirt/tie combo he’s wearing.)

  5. Sus-Babe Says:

    The dress absolutely took my breath away. It is flawless!!!

  6. Jo Ann Schoen Says:

    Jeremy called me Friday night and told me you had chosen a dress. I agree with the above comments. It is beautiful.

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  8. Lynda Says:

    Oh, I looked. I said I wouldn’t, but I did! Beautiful.

  9. Palila Says:

    Haha, too much temptation, Lynda?

    Thanks, everybody!

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